What Are The Things That Can Kill A Home Sale?

Thursday Apr 5th, 2018


So you are about to sell your home but need that final checklist to make sure you have a smooth sailing? Well I am here to help! No one wants a small bump in the road to hold them back on a great sell, so lets go though a few pointers that may kill a home sale in order for you to be well-prepared and on top of your game. A Dead Lawn Lets start from the outside shall we? Because it’s the first thing potential buyers see, a messy front yard can be an instant deal-breaker.... [read more]

Are You Ready for a Smart Home?

Tuesday Mar 6th, 2018


Who can believe that 2018 is actually already here and that nearly a quarter of it is gone?   And does it feel like technology has reached its peak? There’s still room for more that’s for sure and some of us still have a lot of catching up to do in applying that technology to our daily lives, let alone applying it to our homes!   It’s worth looking at where technology is taking us and see who is ready for that type of change. Smart living in smart... [read more]

Should you move or remodel your home?

Thursday Jul 2nd, 2015


I have many clients that cannot decide whether to remodel or move, and the answer might be simple, it might be—both.    Remodeling can give you the added or different space you need now, but you should also carefully consider the resale value of any project you undertake.   Some remodels allow for a bigger payoff than your original investment, while others might be needed just to keep the resale price on par with the neighbourhood.... [read more]

Techniques For a Great Looking Lawn

Wednesday Jun 14th, 2017


Spring is in the air and it is time to put some love and care into your lawn. Having a thick and healthy lawn helps improve a homes curb appeal but there are also environmental benefits when you take care of your grass. Your lawn releases oxygen and captures dirt and dust which helps to keep you and your family healthy! Here are a few natural lawn care tips below to help you achieve the perfect lawn.   1. AERATION This is a natural process of punching small holes into your lawn to... [read more]