Should You Sell Your House Or Rent It Out?

Wednesday Mar 14th, 2018


So circumstances have recently changed, and you need to move houses. Do you sell your current house or rent it out?   Surely your decision could purely rely on finances, but there are other factors attached to such a decision.   Here we will take a look at what you should consider before making what could be one of the most important decisions of your life!   You Are Being Temporarily Transferred If your job is transferring you to another area but you... [read more]

Renting v.s. Buying Real Estate

Thursday May 7th, 2015


Is home ownership for you? Although turning the dream of homeownership into a reality can be both exciting and daunting at the same time, it is something all my clients are happy they had done! You might not realize that you have the means to purchase your own home. There are many benefits of homeownership when compared to renting. Have you always wanted to build equity? Ever thought about having tax advantages? Owning a home can be the BEST investment for your future! For most people,... [read more]