Adding Extra Space To Your Home

Friday Mar 09th, 2018


Today I want to explore with you the types of ways you can add space to your existing home, because sometimes our lives expand in different ways, so we need to expand our space to go with that.


Besides adding more space, you are also adding value to your home, its resale value will automatically increase with each space you add as long as it’s done right and by professionals.


Building Outward: It’s the first type of additional space we think about when we think about going bigger. It’s basically about adding structure to your home mostly on the ground. It’s rewarding both emotionally and financially and you usually don’t even have to vacate your home to add that extra room!


Building Upward: People usually employ this option when there isn’t enough land space to build on, therefore, building an additional story becomes the logical solution. The sky is the limit! But this, also, is a project made for professionals and like building outward, people should not treat it as a do-it-yourself project.


Converting the Basement: Can’t build outward or upward? Then converting the basement could be a solution for you. This is a great option for one main reason, basement space is usually equal to total construction space which gives you a lot to do! And yes although this may seem like an easy project to work on your self, you can actually find contractors that have an eye for converting basements so hire a pro if you can.


Converting the Attic: This option may seem similar to basement conversion but its not. Converting an attic will most likely need structural additions because of the attic’s location, whereas basements have all the structure they need being on solid ground.

Think about what you want your attic to be converted too carefully, their usual low ceilings and limited space make it difficult for it to be space for every-day use.


Getting Rid of That Wall: Ok, so maybe this is more about creating the illusion of a bigger space rather than having actual extra space but its still something. If the wall is load-bearing then you most definitely need a contractor for the job. However, non load-bearing walls can easily be torn down by an enthusiastic homeowner over the course of a couple of days not more.


If this is a subject of interest to you, I can help you explore your options when it comes to issues like this and others. Don’t hesitate to call me for whatever your home needs. 

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