Are You Ready To Sell Your Home?

Sunday Sep 11th, 2016


Many of my clients are face the decision if they are ready to sell their home. Many factors may be weighing this decision such as a temporary work contract which may force you across the country, a strong sellers market which gives you great value for your current home but in competition for your next.


I always recommend for my clients to sit with me to discuss a financial analysis, personal factors and educating them on the current market they are selling in vs. the market for the area they are purchasing their next home in. Not all pockets and areas are the same, as some areas may be more sought after compared to others, which drives the demand up. Many different factors need to be considered As with any major decision, you should carefully weigh the pros and cons based on your own situation.


Educating my clients always helps assure them that they are making the right decision. Contact me today to see if this market is right for you!

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