Are you Ready to Sell Your House?

Wednesday Feb 21st, 2018


Surely selling your house depends on many aspects, especially the real estate market conditions. But this is not what I want to talk about today. Today I want to tackle the personal side of being ready to sell your home, because if you are not ready, even an excellent market condition shouldn’t be enough for you to sell.


Here are some things that you should be ready for:


  1. You can afford to buy a home that suits your finances and lifestyle.

Is the new home meeting your personal needs? Does it have that extra bedroom you were longing for? Does it have an outdoor area that fits your familys needs? And mostly, does it make you feel at home?


  1. You can actually afford the process of moving.

The excitement behind moving to a new place can easily carry us away, but do you have the cash-flow for the move? Hiring professional movers?


  1. You have a steady job and income.

This is definitely a no-brainer. Financial security that comes from a stable job can make all the difference in taking a leap into a new home. Keep a lookout at the job market and make decisions based on that.


  1. All your home-improvement projects are done.

Dont show potential buyers broken up tiles, or half painted kitchen cabinets, or even a dubious paint job. Make sure your home is up-to-date at least to your own standards before you show it to others.


  1. Your home no longer suits your lifestyle and needs.

You may have just had your 3rd child and need a bigger place. Or the kids are growing up and need more space to suit their recently discovered hobbies. Whatever the reasons, you will know when your current home has become more of an obstacle than your place of comfort.


Surely there’s more to it than those 5 points that might make you consider selling your home. It’s a list that’s meant to start you thinking about what’s important to you on a personal level when its time to change the nest.


As always, I will be happy to answer all your questions and concerns about this and other real estate matters.

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