Five Reasons to Invest in Canada’s Real Estate

Sunday Mar 14th, 2021


There are many reasons to invest in Canada. The country is beautiful, the people are notoriously kind, the cities are wonderful, the culture is utopian and the food is amazing. But that’s not all. Canada is ideal for business-savvy investors looking to geo-diversify their portfolios and increase their returns in smart investment opportunities…and Canada’s real estate market offers exactly that and more. Here are five reasons to invest in the Great White North.


Diversify Your Investment Portfolio

Successful investors and entrepreneurs know that diversifying investments is a key to ensuring a net return even in changing markets. This is especially true when acquiring property in other countries. You can do this by leveraging, which means taking on additional debt on paper – which in this market with lower interest rates is not a bad idea – and multiply your ROI. Canada allows you to refinance and invest more while growing and building.


Tax Cuts

Canada has great tax advantages. It has an attractive tax credit system, is light on property income tax, gives exemptions to social security contributions, and helps immigrants and foreigners to benefit from local financing. That means that investors can benefit from the flexibility of the taxation system while making significant ROI’s in a stable, growing, real estate market. Canada’s real estate market continues to grow, even in the pandemic, making it a great location to invest and build a real estate portfolio with a long-term view.


Attractive, Reasonable and Straightforward

The price per square meter in Canada is between 2,000 – 3,000 euros depending on the sector you’re looking at. That is a fraction of the price for the same space in European countries. Canada has a free market that is open to anyone. Information is accessible and dependable and what you see is what you get. Foreigners are in luck because Canadian law does not force any special commitments on foreign investors. Meaning when you invest in Canada, you’re treated like a Canadian investor.


A Growing Real Estate Market

Again, the market is growing. Steadily and surely – even in the midst of a pandemic. This point is worth making twice because when you are looking to invest in real estate, it’s better to choose a market that doesn’t drop or surprise you. The economy in Canada is booming, making it secure and encouraging.


High Demand = More ROI

The Canadian real estate market is a hot commodity – with people flocking from all over the world to get a piece of the pie. It is an immigrant’s haven and is filled with universities. This means the ongoing demand and need for rental accommodations for students and immigrants alike is stable and consistently growing. You’ll always find someone willing to rent your property and flow cash into your pocket.


Canada is a very attractive option for investors looking for options abroad. The economic stability, growth potential, tax system, prosperous real estate market and boundless opportunities make the country a dream. And whether you are a foreigner looking for some advice or a potential immigrant looking for a real estate route to Canada, I can help. Contact me for more information, a free consultation and a portfolio of listings available.

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