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Tuesday May 05th, 2015


Congratulations, you have decided to become a homeowner, saved your money and are now ready to begin your search for a new home.  Although the demand for homeownership is relatively higher than the number of homes that are currently available for sale, homes ARE available, you just might be looking at all the wrong places. 

Many times, I have come across people excited to begin their home buying process and want to see everything that is on the market.  While you may think that this is the best way to approach buying a home, unfortunately you may be mistaken. There are many steps involved, which would include mortgage pre-approval, identifying your wants from your needs, exploring areas just outside of your “desired neighbourhood”, etc. 

If you approach this process with a plan, chances are you will view the homes that meet your criteria and not miss the home of your dreams.  If you spend too much time viewing homes that you don’t qualify for, are too far from your employment, etc., the home of your dreams that you did not get a chance to view yet, may be sold to another buyer!  The Toronto Real Estate Board Market Watch reported that in Mississauga alone, there were 1,962 new listings for April 2015.  

Contact me and I can help you move in the right direction! After all, helping you find your dream home is my specialty!  

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