How do you know you found the right house?

Wednesday Nov 08th, 2017


There's no doubt that buying a new house is a big decision for anyone. It's a place that you need to be able to turn into a home and share the most important family memories in.



So let me walk you through a few telltale signs that you may have found the right place for you.



First and foremost, my most essential advice to you is to know what you want. You should know what essential factors you are looking for in your new place, and you should also know your budget; this will help narrow down a few options that are the most suitable for you.



The First 5 Seconds!

The first 5 seconds of entering the property you get a warm feeling and an inviting urge to look around and start exploring.  A great sign of a connection between yourself and the house.



The Basics Fit!

It would be unrealistic to expect a house to fit your list %100, but it should feel like all your basic wants and needs are being met.  So if the basics fit, then it’s worth sticking around for more.



You Get Visions!

You literally start imagining how the living room's wall would look great in warm blue colour, or how the kids' room could be split into a sleeping area and a play area. You basically start furnishing and styling your new home in your head.



You Become a Bit Protective!

You are looking around and suddenly someone points out a stain on the wall, but you immediately dismiss it as a solvable problem. People who fall in love with a certain property overlook small issues that could easily be solved.



You want to call everyone!

You can't wait to go home and call everyone you know and tell them about this "great house I saw today"!



You want to stop looking!

Now that is a big sign you may have found the place for you. Wanting to stop looking at other houses is definitely the biggest sign of them all. You feel you have found what you are looking for and therefore lose the need to waste your time and look further.



I hope these few signs help you pick the right home for you, and don’t forget that a knowledgeable agent will never pressure you into a property that is not right for you.

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