How to Boost Your Home's Curb Appeal

Tuesday Mar 22nd, 2016


The Lawn and Landscaping

• Mow your lawn twice a week, pull weeds and rake up your leaves.

• Trim hedges and shrubs, as well as tree limbs that are located near the roof.

• Sweep your walkways.

• Plant a variety of colourful flowers that complement one another and bloom throughout the growing season. Be sure to weed and mulch your flower beds to keep your plants healthy.

The Home

• Clean your windows and gutters, and pressure wash your siding and decks.

• Freshen up the exterior of your home with a coat of paint.

• Get a new front door. If this isn’t possible, replace the hardware and stain or paint the door.

• Install new accents like house numbers, kick plates, doorbell buttons or mail slots.

• Replace your roof, if necessary. To keep the growth of moss and fungus at bay, place a strip of zinc underneath the shingles along the roofline of your house.

• Add an awning over your deck or patio to enjoy the outdoors for more of the year.



Your home’s street-view appearance is a buyer’s first in-person impression, particularly if they spotted your home on the Internet first. Although photographs can give a buyer an idea of the features the home offers, seeing it in-person is their chance to see how the pieces work together with the surrounding neighbourhood. Many homebuyers drive by a home or schedule a walk-through after viewing it on the Web. Since many will do so in the evening after work, consider installing lights along your driveway and walkway or adding a decorative light fixture to the front of the home.

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