How To Create A Functional Home Office

Thursday Aug 25th, 2016


Many people are pursuing careers that allow them to work from home but a well laid office is key to working effectively from home.  Designing each room for the function it is used for is key!  If you plan your room idea ahead, it will leave you with more time to actually take care of your business!


Below I have provided some tips on how to get the most our of your home office:  


1.  Purchase office furniture that will compliment the room size.  Oversized desks and book cases will make the room appear smaller.  Try to keep the room modern with a clean sleek flow. Keep books and documents stored in cabinets that have cabinet doors.


2.  Position lighting so there is a nice even flow or choose a room with lots of natural light.  


3.  Area rugs on hardwood floors and modern white blinds will help keep the room modern and at the same time help absorb noise.  Add a plant because the colour green inspires concentration which is what you will need to get your job done!


4.  Choose a space in your home where you have complete privacy and make sure you don't use it as a dumping ground for non-business related items.


5.  Wall colour choice is very important when designing your home office.  A neutral colour will help the room appear fresh and clean and you can add colour with the objects you bring into the room.  


6.  Most important is ensure that you invest in a comfortable desk chair that provides good support for your back; after all, you will be putting in long hours.

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