Make A Grand Entrance!

Tuesday Sep 13th, 2016


We all know that curb appeal is important when you are highlighting your home but you cannot forget the foyer because this is the first thing people see when they step into your home. This area does not take much effort to transform into a grand entrance. 


I always find that the more welcoming and functional your foyer is, the more chance it has to maximize the homes appeal to potential buyers.  Here are a few tips to make a good first impression:



  1. Lighten It Up:  Foyers can be quite dark so choose your lighting to open up the space but not too bright; try to keep it warm.  Adding a mirror if the entrance is small helps give the illusion of space.

  2. Remove Clutter:  Remove clothing that is no longer in season and organize hats and other small clothing items in baskets.  Be sure to stack footwear in an orderly fashion in the closet and out of the buyer’s sight.  If you do not have a closet in the foyer, you should have your shoes stored neatly in your bedroom closet.

  3. Add Warmth:  Bring some life into this space with a plant or flowers. If you have family photos on the stairway walls, replace them with a few neutral pictures. We all know the first rule of thumb when selling is to de-personalize.

  4. A Modern Touch:  Add a unique piece of furniture like a large mirror or a modern hallway table can work well for large areas.  A small item that holds keys is perfect for compact spaces.  If the space is too small, then keep it clean and clear of clutter to open the space up.

  5. Eliminate Odors:  You do not want the buyer guessing what you cooked for dinner/lunch.   Try to avoid any type of cooking during showings and avoid any plug-in deodorizers in the entrance, they may appear to the buyer that you are trying to mask something more.  Cleaning products that offer a fresh scent always works best.  Upon entering a home, the buyer wants to feel like it is home so the most I would recommend to my sellers is to bake some bread or muffins in the oven because these scents are inviting.

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