Never Leave THOSE Items Out During An Open House!

Tuesday Mar 20th, 2018


First and foremost, let me begin by saying that you should NEVER open your house to strangers! An open house should be arranged by and with your agent and only your agent should be showing your house.


You should be prepared for an open house because you want your property to sell quickly. But don’t let yourself be rushed into it before you make sure you are fully prepared to do so, and one of the things you should make sure to do is keep certain items out of sight while you are showing your house.


Cash & Credit Cards

I know that this one may be a given, but it is worth mentioning as the first thing you should be putting away safely.


Any Personal Documents

Two words: Identity Theft. Personal documents should be out of sight. Anything that has your full name, social security number and so on. Those are important documents that should be carefully stored since you are moving anyways.


Heaters & Fans

Items like heaters and fans are your everyday-use items that you should store away during an open house because they might give the wrong idea about the house. Heaters may indicate that it’s a very cold house and the opposite with fans. Such items represent the owners’ preferences and not necessarily the ambience of the house itself.


Empty Ashtrays

Leaving an ashtray, whether indoors or outdoors, will indicate that you either occasionally or constantly smoke inside the house and this will prove to be a turn off for many potential buyers.


Keep The Pets Away

It may be unfair to keep away a pet family member during an open house, but unfortunately, some buyers will disregard the house if they knew a pet lived in it.


Political Signs

Keep your political opinions out of the home-selling process. Some people may find it offensive and not consider the house for reasons that don’t affect it in the first place such as any political preferences lying around.


These are just quick ideas on how to make an open house a more successful experience for you. For more tips and tricks on how to sell your house in record time call me today and I will be more than happy to serve you!

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