Reap the return on repairs done to your home.

Sunday Aug 20th, 2017


I always advise my clients that it is critical to create a good first impression when selling your home.  You want buyers to want to own your home the moment they set eyes on it!  You should tackle necessary repairs before you decide to sell your home; buyers tend to avoid putting in offers with homes that can appear neglected. 


I understand that initially it can seem troublesome to repair a home you will be moving out of, but it will be worth the time and money in the end. Many buyers factor in the items they will need to fix in the purchase price, often overestimating the costs, which will have a direct impact on the selling price of you home.


Here are few tips to help you get started:


  1. A fresh coat of paint in your entire house:  Adding a fresh coat of paint in a neutral colour will give your home a fresh modern look.  Ensure you fill in all holes and cracks in the walls before painting.  Repair and paint your baseboards in white will give a fresh clean look overall.   

  2. Your Roof:  If your roof needs replacing, it is better to do it before you sell because it could be a potential deal breaker if the roof is in bad shape.

  3. Curb Appeal:  Make a perfect first impression by repaving the driveway, replacing cracked and misplaced stones, caulk windows and invest in some landscaping.  It might be a good idea to repaint your front door and garage door to give a fresh clean look outdoors.  Mow the lawns and trim the trees for summer/spring sales and ensure that snow is always removed during the winter sales.

  4. Fix leaky faucets:  A dripping tap can signal expensive plumbing repairs to buyers. Go around each faucet to ensure they do not leak and if they do, get it fixed! It may just turn out to be a minor thing like a new washer.

  5. Kitchens and bathrooms:  Kitchens and bathrooms are important features in a home and are always critical in making or breaking a sale.  No need to replace your cabinets, try refacing them giving them a fresh modern look, add new hardware, install a new modern countertop, replace old sinks, vanities and mirrors.  Do not forget a fresh coat of paint in a neutral colour.   


Looking to sell your home in the near future?  Contact me today! I will assist you in achieving a successful and profitable sale!

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