Spring Cleaning

Tuesday May 02nd, 2017


Spring is in the air and always a great time to do your spring organizing. 80% of Canadians consider themselves disorganized and spring time is the best time to get yourself organized. Over the years, I have offered my clients many tips on how to prepare their home before they list but I have also provided them with helpful tips on how to stay organized in their new homes. I have provided a few easy tips below to help you organize your space. Schedule time to clean and organize a room in your home every week.

1. Give each item a home.
Everything you own should have its place, whether it’s on a particular shelf or in a drawer or basket. It may be easier to use the place where the item most often ends up as its official home. Let everyone in your home know where the item belongs, so no one has to hunt for it.

2. Invest in dual-function furniture.
Maximize your space with furniture that has built-in storage or shelving.

3. Get support.
Improve the chances that your spouse and child(ren) will maintain the new system, and enlist their help in creating it. Seek their help to create systems that work with their habits and personalities.

4. Be picky.
When you are cleaning, keep in mind: If you don’t love it and it’s not useful, get rid of it. Toss incomplete appliances (e.g..., blenders or crock pots without lids) and plastic storage containers without lids or that are warped beyond use. When buying things, ask: Where can I put this? What will I do with it? What will it replace?

5. Organizing takes time.
It’s safe to assume that it’ll take twice as long as you initially estimate, especially if you’re sorting sentimental items. Resist the urge to become attached to objects. You can still have memories without having the actual object. 6. Never underestimate the power of pretty boxes. You’re more likely to stick to your new system and stay organized if you like the storage unit.

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