Summer Checklist For Your Home

Saturday Jul 01st, 2017


Now that Summer time is just around the corner, it is a good time to get a check list together for things you should do around the home. Preparing a season check list will help you keep your home in top condition.

Here are a few helful tips to get you started. Remember if you are ready to list your home for the summer market, contact me today to help you get started!

1. Monitor basement humidity and avoid relative humidity levels above 60 per cent. Use a dehumidifier to maintain relative humidity below 60 per cent.

2. Clean or replace air-conditioning filter, and clean or replace ventilation system filters if necessary.

3. Check basement pipes for condensation or dripping and, if necessary, take corrective action; for example, reduce humidity and/or insulate cold water pipes.

4. Check the basement floor drain to ensure the trap contains water; refill with water if necessary.

5. If you have a plumbing fixture that is not used frequently, for example, a laundry tub or spare bathroom sink, tub or shower stall, run some water briefly to keep water in the trap.

6. Disconnect the duct connected to your clothes dryer, and vacuum lint from duct, the areas surrounding your dryer and your dryer’s vent hood outside.

7. Check for and replace damaged caulking and weather stripping around mechanical and electrical services, windows and doorways, including the doorway between the garage and the house.

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