What Are The Things That Can Kill A Home Sale?

What Are The Things That Can Kill A Home Sale?

Friday May 06th, 2022


So, you are about to sell your home but need that final checklist to make sure you have a smooth sailing?

Well, I am here to help! No one wants a small bump in the road to hold them back on a great sell, so let’s go though a few pointers that may kill a home sale in order for you to be well-prepared and on top of your game.

A Dead Lawn

Let’s start from the outside, shall we? Because it’s the first thing potential buyers see, a messy front yard can be an instant deal-breaker. Whoever sees a neglected front yard will automatically assume that the neglect continues inside the house. So, make sure you have the right appeal for a first impression.


Floor & Wall Damage

Maybe the house was rented to college students who wore it out during the years, but regardless of reasons, scratched-up wood floors and holes in the walls just won’t do it. Grab those tools or hire someone to fix those damages because unless you are willing to go way down on your asking price, they are not worth it.

Fixed Bathroom Carpet

Ok, its important to stress that a fixed bathroom carpet that covers the entire bathroom floor is extremely unappealing for the majority of people for two reasons: one, potential buyers will assume you are hiding mold underneath the carpet, and two, they will most definitely assume that some unhygienic human “remains” still live on that carpet! Just remove it.

Pet Smells

Animal lovers don’t mind it, especially those who are proud owners. But some potential buyers can be very sensitive to pet smells or many types of smells for that matter. So, make sure you clean, spray and ventilate before you show your home.


In reality, it’s no one’s business what we do inside our homes and how we arrange our cupboards or closets. But some potential buyers would want to check storage spaces and if they happen to come across a messy storage unit it may turn them off although they know that that same storage unit will potentially have their own stuff arranged their own way. It is what it is.

A Bad Agent

No, not all agents are the same! Some are excellent and others are excellent at being negligent of their clients’ wishes. Do your homework and find the right enthusiastic agent who treats your home like its their own and do not settle for less than that. An excellent agent will listen, create, and sell!

I hope this list puts you on the right track in the journey of selling your home. For this and any other topics, please don’t hesitate to call me at any time.

If you'd like to find out more and have years of experience guiding you through the ins-and-outs of real estate investing, contact me today.


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