What Canada Can Do For Immigrant Investors

What Canada Can Do For Immigrant Investors

Tuesday Aug 23rd, 2022


As an immigrant, I know first-hand what investing in real estate can do for immigration, and immigrants. I’ve been blessed to have had the opportunity to create a life in Canada, that took me from immigrant in a new land, to one of the country’s top brokers, and one of the World’s Top 10 Brokers. Real estate changed my life, and here’s what it can do for you:


Canada needs immigrants, and business immigrants are attracted to this great country. Innovative immigrant entrepreneurs flock to Canada because of the opportunities available. Immigrant investor programs specifically can help raise money for further progression in infrastructure, affordable housing and venture capital – making it a win-win for all parties.


Compared to other countries, Canada’s greatest global competitive advantage is that it is open and incredibly welcoming to newcomers. It’s doors are wide open, and with a high quality of life, economic opportunities and diverse culture, prospective investor immigrants see it as especially attractive.


Canada’s immigrant investor program focuses on attracting business investments as part of the country’s strategy. The Canadian economy is small so domestic savings aren’t enough to meet the country’s investment needs. This is a great opportunity for international talent and capital to tap into the benefit of what Canada can offer and in the process help national priorities like affordable housing or rental.


Business immigration doesn’t only support national economic development. It’s a benefit to the immigrant communities that serve organizations, educational institutions and the business community at large.


If you’re interested in understanding more about business immigration, I work with a team of corporate and immigration lawyers to help clientele transition their investments into immigration visas. And with the increased demand for housing, lowered interest rates and flexible mortgages, the GTA’s real estate market is the perfect ground for potential investors, and new Canadians. To learn more, contact me today and let me share my journey with you.


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