Why You Should Move to Oakville!

Tuesday Apr 03rd, 2018


In this new mini series of blogs, I want to start highlighting some areas that offer unique characteristics and explore how living there can offer life changing experiences.

Today I will start with Oakville, Ontario, for many reasons of which you will find out as I explore with you the beauties of this town!

Oakville is a suburban town in southern Ontario embracing Lake Ontario. It is well known for its picturesque harbours and forests, vibrant shopping centers, active arts community, and the best dining experiences in the Greater Toronto Area. Yes, it DOES have it all!

Green, Green EVERYWHERE!

Oakville has over 200 parks, 150 kilometers of trails, playgrounds, dog parks, splash pads, skateboard parks, sport fields, tennis courts, two harbours and 31 waterfront parks! Are you out of breath yet?


There are a lot of events happening throughout the year that make this town a fun and vibrant platform for everyone. Downtown Oakville Jazz Festival, Waterfront Festival, For The Love Of The Arts Festival, Midnight Madness, and Oakville Family Ribfest to name a few. There is literally everything for everyone.

Business is Business

A number of regional and national head offices reside in Oakville, including

Ford Canada, Tim Hortons, Siemens Canada, and The Weather Network.

Arts & Culture

The arts and culture scene in Oakville is very rich with The Oakville Arts Council leading the way in this domain. The town enjoys the likes of Oakville Centre for the Performing Arts, Oakville Galleries, and The Oakville Children's Choir. It is definitely a place that gives you a large dose of culture and character.


The town has a mix of both public and private schools for elementary and high schools, with one of the highest ratios of private schools to student population in the country.

If that’s not enough, Oakville has the BEST weather in Canada according to Environment Canada, and it was also ranked the 4th most romantic place in Canada!

Property there is considered to be of premium quality, and it has to be since it has to live up-to its premium location and personality! Finding a home in Oakville should be on your to-do-list as of today!

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